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»AMY« - that is the title of this album and also the name she is called by family and friends since her childhood days and, meanwhile, her audience as well. The selection of music played by Ana-Maria Lungu on this CD is just as personal as its title. The focus of this production is on no composer or his work but on the talented violinist’s musical life. The live recordings provide a peek into her emotional world and the amazing experience of how she expresses this world by playing her beloved instrument. 

This debut CD tells us about the roots of Ana Maria Lungu’s musicality. She comes from a Romanian family of artists. At age 5, Ana Maria discovers the violin as her instrument. In her own words, the violin is an instrument with a sound so full of soul, so pure, and so feminine that it has fascinated her from the start and held her under its spell until today. 

Folklore, Romanticism, and Contemporary Classical Music

In these tracks, Ana-Maria Lungu presents classical pieces she played during her musical career originating from Romanian folklore, from Romanticism, and from contemporary classical music. She is committed to promote classical music as such in today’s time and society and to increase the degree of attention it receives. She is a keen musician who can trigger a fascination in the heart of her audience by her very personal interpretation which makes classical music appear »cool and modern«. 

With her father’s help, Ana-Maria Lungu got to know and love the folklore music from her home country of Romania. On one hand, Grigoras Diniciu’s »Hora de Concert« and »Ciocarlia« (the lark) let her show virtuosity, vitality, and improvisation skills. On the other hand, Ciprian Porumbescu’s »Balada« and J. Knümann’s »Rumänisch« (Romanian) provide a counterpart allowing her to express a high degree of sensitivity, melancholy, and passion. 

Classical Section with Massenet, Toselli, and Fauré 

During her musical development of 22 years, Ana-Maria Lungu was especially accompanied and influenced by the classical pieces from Romanticism included here, such as »Meditation (Thais)« by Jules Massenet, »Serenata« by Enrico Toselli, and»Apres un rêve« by Gabriel Fauré. While she rehearsed them, the romantic and intense melodies of these pieces permitted her to unite the music with dreams, being in love, sadness, and happiness. Thus, Ana-Maria Lungu has become capable of bringing the music alive for her audience and herself in an extraordinarily vivacious and emotive manner. 

Besides the expressive and modern works of film music »Por una cabeza« by Carlos Gardel and »Schindler’s List« by John Williams, this album is made very personal by another two contemporary pieces. These are compositions by Ioan Lungu, the artist’s father. Both pieces, »Träumerei« (Reverie) and »Mondschein« (Moonshine) are inspired by real moments in AMY’s life. They reflect the artist as an individual and musician and describe her in a manner that makes »a section of my soul visible«, as she explains in her own words. 

Her father is not the only person with a formative influence on Ana-Maria’s development as an artist, but there are other high class teachers and companions besides him. The role of the pianist Christoph Weinhart is important in her development. He is also the musical partner for this live recording. The coaching provided by him during her student days and the intensive cooperation afterwards, permitted Ana-Maria to refine her development - guided by his passionately virtuoso and very exact piano play. The harmonic and vivacious interplay between the two of them always gives the audience the impression of a fascinating musical symbiosis. 

This collection of selected pieces provides a great insight into Ana-Maria Lungu’s musical world whose talent, energy, charisma, and artistic potential is now discovered.

Enjoy listening to »AMY«. 

Track List »AMY«

13 Ciocărlia (Die Lerche) Grigoraş Dinicu 02:40
01 Hora de Concert Grigoraş Dinicu 04:16
02 Träumerei Ioan Lungu 04:38
03 Serenta Enrico Toselli 04:36
04 Adiós Nonino Astor Piazzolla 06:13
05 Vocalise Sergei Rachmaninoff 07:21
06 Mondschein Ioan Lungu 03:02
07 Tango (Por Una Cabeza) John Williams 04:33
08 Méditation (ThaÏs) Jules Massenet 05:27
09 Balada Ciprian Porumbescu 08:16
10 Après un rȇve Gabriel Fauré 02:58
11 Schindler’s List John Williams 03:52
12 Rumänisch Jo Knümann 04:41

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